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What makes some businesses grow a lot faster than others?

How is it possible for some products and services to become popular while others aren’t? What’s the trigger?

Why do some small business owners achieve a lot more than others in the same amount of time?

 The challenge

The biggest challenge most business owners have is not their lack of taking action or their determination. In fact, most business owners end up working a lot harder than ever before, trying to find clients and customers and spending money and efforts on marketing strategies that don’t bring in the results they desire.

It’s usually not that they have a poor product or service either. There are so many incredible products and services out there no one even knows about!

After working with thousands of businesses, some key aspects of a winning business have become crystal clear.

 The solution

Business owners who grow their businesses really fast are the ones who realize they don’t know everything. But that’s not enough … here’s the kicker; they do something about it!

The fastest growing businesses we see day in, day out are the ones who find the smartest strategies and systems available to scale their businesses up and automate parts of it.

Highly successful business owners are applying the right marketing strategies to grow their businesses without slaving like a crazy person.

 The proof

After a decade of testing and measuring what works, brainstorming with some of the smartest marketers on the planet, we have boiled it down to the most important factors of growing a business in today’s economy. And we’ve put it all into a step-by-step program The Marketing Smarts.

The focus is purely on what’s most important to growing your business, increasing sales and freeing up your time.

 The focus

You are busy! You don’t want or need to sit through hours and hours of stuff that doesn’t apply to your business. I feel the same way, just give me the most important bits so I can move forward, fast.

Business is not about winging it, it’s about being strategic and smart, marketing smart!

If you are ready for your services and/or products to reach more people and have a bigger impact, then this program is for you.

 The Marketing Smarts

Being part of The Marketing Smarts you will have access to the best business growth strategies out there, without having to filter through all the fluff.

It’s heart breaking to see so many great businesses that are simply not getting noticed, it’s a waste of awesomeness!

Marketing is a science and in this program you will discover tried and proven strategies to grow your business.

Too many businesses focus on ‘band aid’ strategies or are looking for the quick fix which is not sustainable.

Continuous business growth comes from smart systems you can tweak as needed to create a marketing machine that works for you.

Who is this for

The Marketing Smarts is for small business owners with a great product or service ready to break through to the next level. This is not a start-up program, the strategies you learn in The Marketing Smarts are advanced, effective and perfect for anyone who wants to grow their business, increase sales and put marketing systems in place to free up your time.

Some of the industries we’ve worked with include consultants, bookkeepers, beauty salons, web developers, natural
therapists, online retailers, designers, interior stylists, hairdressers, tradesmen, lawyers, accountants, shop owners,
marketers, dentists, mortgage brokers, martial arts schools, dance schools, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, coaches and many more.

Five reasons why this is the smartest investment you will ever make in your business:
Business Growth:
Grow your client base and
increase your sales fast
You will gain instant access to the
smartest, most up-to-date and powerful
small business marketing strategies that
are working right now. Including the
results of rigorous testing, so you
know exactly what to
focus on.

Direction, focus and clarity:
Stay ahead of the competition
You will have more direction, focus and clarity
in your approach to growing your business.
As a smart business owner you understand the importance of staying ahead of the game.
The Marketing Smarts is providing you with
the latest, cutting-edge, actionable
strategies to stay at the forefront of
marketing worldwide.

Business Automation:
Access to proven frameworks

Having the right marketing systems in places
is crucial to help you free up your time.
The good news is that all the processes and
frameworks you get in this program can be
applied to any business. So if you decide to
build something else in the future, you’ve
already got all the resources to
make it a successful venture.

Brilliant mastermind:
Brainstorm and expand
your network
Get access to a private online community of
smart business owners to brainstorm ideas,
network and get support whenever you need it.
Being in business can be a lonely journey,
but you are not alone! Mastermind with
smart people who have similar
challenges and understand

Bonus! Access to the
Basic Bananas team
As a member of The Marketing Smarts
you also get access to the Basic Bananas team
on a weekly live call. Come with any question
and we’ll review your campaigns to
get better results.

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The guarantee

If you are serious about growing your business, jump on board. We strongly believe in only delivering the best of the best.

If you don’t think this program can help you double your business in the next twelve months, please ask for a refund.

*to be eligible for a refund you have to demonstrate that you’ve implemented all the modules as proof that you’ve taken full responsibility for your own results and value.

How does it work?
This course is an intensive ten-week program.
You will have access for a whole year so you can revisit the content at any time. Every week you will receive a new module guiding you through what’s most important in growing your business so you can focus on what matters!
You also receive resource sheets and frameworks to map out your own strategies and implement them weekly.
You also get invited to exclusive weekly online question & answer classes with the Basic Bananas team where you can have any of your marketing reviewed live.
You have access to unlimited support through the VIP online community, connecting you with other powerful business minds.
Yes please, I’m in!
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Happy clients
 Who would have thought that there is a magic formula for some things!
“What I loved most about this program are the frameworks and processes you get throughout the course. They are so useful and I still refer to a lot of them when coming up with marketing ideas. Who would have thought that there is a magic formula for some things!”
Rudy H, Swiss Climate Consulting

 I don’t think I’ve ever received so much useful, easily understood skills so quickly!
“I found it to be the most practical program I’ve done. I don’t think I’ve ever received so much useful, easily understood skills so quickly!”
Helen B, Graphic Designer

 Your knowledge, energy and contribution to small business is outstanding.
“You are simply the best! Your knowledge, energy and contribution to small business is outstanding and I recommend you whenever the opportunity arises!”
Jan Littlejohn, Marriage Celebrant

 I enjoy every minute of being in this business community.
“Working with Basic Bananas is one of the most informative, fun and knowledgeable things I have ever done. That means a lot as I’ve been in business for a very long time!
I enjoy every minute of being in this business community.
I can recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their business!”
Graham S, Retailer

 Booking my family on a holiday as a reward to celebrate.
“I set myself a goal to double my business in the next twelve months. Well, I did it in half that time thanks to this program!
It’s changed the way I look at marketing completely! Now I kind of like marketing!

Booking my family on a holiday as a reward to celebrate!”
Sandro B, Accountant

 Get yourself out of the hard-yard trenches and start living the dream.
“I love the knowledge, companionship, and easy solutions Basic Bananas offers. My advice is to get yourself out of the hard-yard trenches and start living the dream that got you into your business in the first place. Stop holding yourself back, get out of your own way, and just do it!”
Dr Kathrine H., Chiropractor